Lumiere print club

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What strange idea is this?

A print club.


A print club, in this day and age?

Exactly. My last big idea was also a little out of time.


Tell me about it.

I wish to create and curate art for people. Not a lot people, just those who feel that the work speaks to them.

I wish to send out a series of offline communications.

I'll send my own printed photographs, along with a few words. Perhaps some other surprises.

Tangible, honest artifacts. Each one designed to inspire curiosity.


I'm intrigued. how will you achieve this?

To start with, I would just need 50 curious humans. Humans who like to be surprised. Humans that like to dream.

I'll send four prints every year, priced as affordably as can be achieved.

Each quarter will remain unknown until it is seen.


So I won't know what to expect?

I'm afraid not, that's the surprise! Don't like what you see? Cancel anytime.

It'll just take a little trust. Hopefully people like it, and it grows. Hopefully I grow, too.

Perhaps I'll even sow a seed of inspiration. Isn't that what every artist wants?

And who knows, maybe down the line our little print club grows. Maybe other artists can join the colony, and we discover a new way of talking to each other.


How do I join?

I'm currently beta testing the print club among fellow artists, and I expect the first shipment to go out early in the fall.

Sign up to the mailing list here to be the first to know about open enrollment.

- Thanks, Adrian


Email -

Instagram - @lumiereprintclub.

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Archival Inkjet print

Found photographs

Cliche Verre print

Found photograph

Archival inkjet print

Archival inkjet print

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